Ammalife Trustee Saliya Chipwete knows first-hand the dangers of sepsis. She’s now on a mission to give sepsis a run for its money, by raising money for Ammalife’s work on maternal sepsis.

Originally from Malawi, Saliya is a qualified Registrar of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She understands the difficulties facing pregnant mothers in Malawi, as well as the obstacles that doctors and clinical officers face to care for them. But it’s not just in the professional sphere that Saliya has experience of sepsis. Saliya also has a personal connection with Ammalife’s work, having first hand experience of the ravages of sepsis. Last year she was hospitalised with severe sepsis and complications. After multiple operations, including operations on her legs, and extensive physiotherapy, Saliya made a full recovery. Now that Saliya’s regained the use of her legs, she’s putting them to good use to raise money for Ammalife.

Saliya will be taking part in the Wolverhampton Colour Obstacle Rush on Saturday 27th July 2019 to raise money for Ammalife. She’s already training hard and recently managed to complete 2½ km; given that this time last year Saliya was hospitalised with sepsis and unable to walk, this is truly inspirational.

Saliya Chipwete, Ammalife Trustee and Sepsis Survivor

Ammalife works with local organisation PACHI Malawi to combat maternal sepsis in Malawi though supporting the prevention of infection (that leads to sepsis) and through improving the early detection and treatment of sepsis. You can read more about our work on infection prevention here, and our work on treating and diagnosing maternal sepsis here. Ammalife also supported the development of the FAST-M bundle, a low-resource treatment bundle to help doctors and clinicians to accurately diagnose and rapidly respond to cases of sepsis. You can read more about the FAST-M trial here.

Good luck Saliya, we’re so proud of you and we know that you can do it! You can support Saliya by sponsoring her through her JustGiving Page. She’s hoping to raise £3000 to Ammalife’s life-saving work on Maternal Sepsis in Malawi.

If you are interested in taking part in a sponsored run or marathon for Ammalife, please do get in touch!