Diagnose and Respond: Ammalife Researchers on the Field Part Two

(Above) James with FAST-M Project Coordinator, Laura Munthali, outside Kabudula Hospital in Malawi. James Cheshire is one of Ammalife’s doctoral researchers who has been working on the FAST-M maternal sepsis project in Malawi. Last time we heard from researcher Catherine Dunlop, who is at the forefront of preventing sepsis in Malawi. In this second post of [...]

Simple Measures, Saving Lives: Update from the Field in Malawi

Above: medical staff in Malawi receiving training on the FAST-M sepsis prevention tools, from Linvell, senior nursing officer and one of our Maternal Sepsis Champions at Mithundu Hospital)   FAST-M is one of the projects that Ammalife sponsors which has been improving maternal healthcare in Malawi. FAST-M is a treatment bundle for maternal sepsis, with each [...]

Sepsis – how can we save mothers & babies?

The World Health Organisation defines maternal sepsis as follows: “Maternal sepsis is a life-threatening condition defined as organ dysfunction resulting from infection during pregnancy, child-birth, post-abortion, or post-partum period”. Dr David Lissauer, leading the Ammalife supported FAST-M research programme, is one of the leaders of the international team tackling this deadly threat to mothers and their babies. [...]

Safer obstetric anaesthesia in low-resource settings

We’re delighted that Ammalife researcher, Dr Soha Sobhy‘s research on the anaesthetic risks facing mothers in low-resource settings has been published in The Lancet – Global Health. Already we know that it has prompted and informed international debate about safer obstetric anaesthesia and will be helping to shape international training programmes for Anaesthetic Clinical Officers. Ammalife is proud [...]

Improving the quality of maternity care in Malawi

Ammalife Researcher – Dr Abi Merriel has been carrying out research with health professionals in Malawi. She’s been working with colleagues to improve the quality of maternity care in Malawi. Here’s a blog written during her most recent Malawi visit: “I’m very excited to share with you the progress of Appreciative Inquiry to improve the quality of maternity care [...]

Saving mothers’ lives with women’s groups

Women themselves can be life savers if they get together to plan and prioritise. We've been working with a world-class team at UCL to analyse the evidence from clinical studies where women came together within their community to identify problems they have in pregnancy and childbirth. Then the women themselves devised strategies for tackling these, with [...]

What happens if we work with Traditional Birth Attendants?

Many poor women have no access to skilled health workers at the time of birth. Instead, they rely on Traditional Birth Attendants and sometimes that can aggravate problems.  But what if we worked with TBAs to help them do a better job? Before our research there was uncertainty about the best way forward. No one knew [...]

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