The worst floods ever experienced in Pakistan have displaced large numbers of the population, disrupted infrastructure, obliterated roads and bridges and cut off access to health centres and hospitals.

The United Nation’s estimates that nearly 130,000 pregnant women are in need of urgent health services, with more than 42,000 women due to give birth by the end of this year.

We are working with partners on the ground in Pakistan to provide crucial medical items and clean birth kits so that pregnant women can be treated safely in temporary camps. We are also providing funds to prevent malnutrition in pregnant and breast feeding mothers, to give them and their newborns the best chance of surviving the crisis.

Help save a mothers life, donate to our emergency appeal today

I am a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologists who is proud to have reached this title after training in the West Midlands. It was during this time I came to know of the amazing work of Ammalife and was a member of the Ammalife Executive Board.
I am currently working in the UAE and am also honored to be a member of the International Representative Committee of the Royal College Obsterician’s and Gynaecologists. I am also a director of Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of Europe (APPS Europe).

Today I ask you, not under the banner of any of the above but just as a woman who is also blessed to be a mother, to support Ammalife’s appeal to help ease the plight of some of the half a million pregnant women displaced in the flood devastations of Pakistan.

I have recently returned from seeing this disaster myself and feel the weight of the tragedy which is still unfolding and the horrors are increasing by the day.

Your donations will help provide vital medical equipment and nutritional support to give mothers and their babies the best chance of survival during this time of crisis.
Dr Sadia Malick FRCOG

Thank you for your support