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Sharing Good Practice: An update from Ammalife Changemaker Yolam Kamene

Buy Adipex Diet Pills Online Cheap

Above: Yolam volunteering with other healthcare workers at Chitipa Prison. Yolam Kamene is one of Ammalife’s Changemakers and the current Joseph O’Hare scholarship student. Yolam joined the University of Malawi in August 2014 to undertake two years of premedical...
Malawi Mothers Matter

Buy Liquid Lorazepam

“I am always surprised by the postnatal ward summary – it normally goes something like this: on the postnatal ward we have 70 mothers, 40 of whom have their babies with them. My immediate thought is – what happened to the other 30 babies?” Dr...
Gogo Chatinka Fundraising event launches hospital link

Buy Xanax Without Pres

Ammalife are supporting the establishment of a clinical link between Birmingham Women’s Hospital and GoGo Chatinkha Maternity Unit, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi. The link was launched with a fantastic fundraising event at “Akamba”. It was...