World Health Worker Week

This is the week when we pay tribute to the health workers who make a real difference. Let’s meet Shakeel from Pakistan and Alex from Malawi.

Shakeel Ahmed - pharmacist

Shakeel Ahmed is the pharmacist in Havelian who dedicates so much of his time to making such that poor women from remote mountain villages get the help they need when emergencies arise. He has transformed attitudes and galvanised communities. Shakeel has brought help and he has brought hope. Our heartfelt thanks from all of Ammalife’s friends and supporters, Shakeel.


_0003_IMG_05-e1393188344307-1140x540In Malawi, we want to pay a special tribute to Alex Sembo. Alex has developed a fistula surgery service for women injured by obstructed births. Without his skill, many women would face a lifetime of physical pain and psychological torment as social outcasts. Now he’s studying with the help of an Ammalife Bursary and he’ll be able to share his expertise with others in the future.  


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