The Big Give Christmas Challenge & some very, very good news

Ammalife has been working with women from remote mountain villages in Pakistan for several years now.  We want to share with you a true story with a happy ending. This happy ending was only possible because of you – our supporters.

Mrs Khan, 35, was pregnant and longing for a child. She had had 3 pregnancies before, all ending with emergency Caesarian sections. Her babies were stillborn. Her own health was fragile. She was told that she would need to have a planned Caesarian in the main teaching hospital in Abbottabad if she and her baby were to survive. The costs of specialist care and the long journey to reach it were beyond her means. She and her husband were distraught. She turned to Ammalife for help. We were able to help with transport and to contact the specialists in the hospital. They agreed to help too. Mrs Khan needed a blood transfusion during the operation. Shakeel Ahmed, the pharmacist from Havelian who oversees the Ammalife project, had plans in place. His brother’s blood group matched Mrs Khan’s; she had the transfusion she needed without any life-threatening delay.

Baby Zahida was born 8 months ago and she is thriving. Mrs Khan is smiling and healthy. Both mother and father are so proud of their little daughter – they want her to be a doctor when she grows up! Mrs Khan was able to have the kind of care we take for granted in the UK. And how much did this cost Ammalife? 6000 rupees – that’s £34.60.

Tomorrow, Friday or Saturday, at 10.00am, during the Big Give Christmas Challenge you can help us save lives. The Reed Foundation will match your donation. Double the good you can do – now that is the spirit of Christmas!


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