The stories behind the numbers: please help us to the top of the mountain

We often repeat the statistical headlines of maternal mortality in the developing world, so in case all the numbers seem somewhat abstract, we’d like to tell you a story…

Ammalife supporter Preth de Silva is currently undertaking elective medical work in Ghana. On the first day of his time at the hospital, he found a woman lying on the floor of the labour ward. She was 31 weeks pregnant and had 5 successful previous pregnancies, with the last of these deliveries by c section. Her womb was around 20 centimetres larger than usual and she was suffering from additional complications caused by maternal diabetes. She was rushed into theatre for emergency c section. The surgical team found a small and lifeless fetus, and a ruptured uterus that caused 2 litres of blood loss. The woman died on the operating table. She lay in front of Preth whilst her 5 children, most likely in school, nursery or being looked after by family, remained unaware that they would return to a home without their mother.

Maternal mortality is not just a figure, fact or ratio; it is made up of millions of individual women and families with stories like this. Most do not even make it to hospital before intervention can begin.

Please join Preth in his effort to raise money for Ammalife by climbing to Everest Base Camp at the end of May. Preth is looking for sponsors and – with a dedicated MyDonate facility – it’s easier than ever to show your support, so please give generously! You can also stay in touch via facebook. Any donations are welcome, no matter how small. And all your contributions will help to save mothers’ lives.


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