Hurrah! The textbooks have arrived.

We’re delighted that the textbooks we packed up for Malawi in March have arrived safely. Alex Sembo, pictured, collected all 9 boxes containing more than 200 textbooks donated by staff at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. Some of the boxes took a bit of a bashing but the books themselves were undamaged. Alex collected the books from the container depot in Blantyre yesterday. In a touching email, he thanked everyone who had sent the books, calling them, ‘the gift of Life’. It’s easy to forget just how valuable a textbook can be.

Alex is a senior Clinical Officer who is studying for a BSc with Ammalife’s support. He is the first Ammalife Fellow and he will be using the books to set up a library for the Clinical Officers on his course. This is the first year the course has run so the books are a much needed resource for current and future students.

Thank you again to all those who donated books and who donated the money needed to pay the shipping costs.  Honestly, your gift will have an impact for a very long time to come and, indirectly, make childbirth much safer for many more mothers and their babies in Malawi.


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