Ammalife at the House of Commons

On Tuesday, Ammalife’s contribution to the At Our Mother’s Feet campaign was acknowledged at a reception at the House of Commons. Ammalife supported the AOMF campaign, run by MADE in Europe, with specialist knowledge and advice over the last 3 years. The campaign has succeeded in pushing women’s reproductive health further up the agenda of 15 Muslim NGOs and increasing awareness in mosques, schools and community groups.

Amie Wilson, Ammalife’s PhD researcher, Dr Soha Sobhy, Ammalife’s recently returned volunteer in Malawi, Dr Sadia Malick, the force behind Ammalife’s work in Pakistan, and Drs David Lissauer & Hoda Harb were there to talk to parliamentarians about how we can help women survive pregnancy and childbirth in some of the poorest countries in the world.


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