Ammalife in Pakistan – now on You Tube

As many of you will know, Ammalife has been supporting a radical approach to saving mothers’ lives in the mountains of Pakistan – and it has nothing to do with hi-tech medicine. We’ve made sure that mothers can reach expert help when things go wrong by developing a community based taxi service that prioritises mothers in need. More than 3,000 mothers have registered with the scheme, giving them the peace of mind that life saving transport will be there if and when they need it. So far more than 400 mothers, and their babies, have used our emergency transport and owe their lives to it. Thank you to all our supporters who have helped fund this amazing service. And very special thanks to Shakeel Ahmed, the local pharmacist, who has dedicated so much of his time, completely free of charge, to making sure that mothers in the mountain villages of Havelian will get help when they need it. Ammalife dedicates this film to Shakeel and the mothers of Havelian. Watch it here.


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