Ammalife is participating in the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2015.

We’re delighted that this year National Express and Finox will match your donation to fund our project and tackle this threat to mothers: The right tools to combat global maternal sepsis

Why Sepsis? Sepsis is a life-threatening condition triggered by infection. 1 in 3 women who develop severe sepsis during pregnancy or childbirth in low-income countries will die.

Why is this happening? ‘Sepsis 6’ is a care kit made up of 3 investigations and 3 therapies started within 1 hour of the patient being seen. It’s urgent, clear to follow and proven to save lives across the developed world. But the kit is dependent on skilled staff, lab facilities and the right drugs, in low-income countries these are in short supply.

Grace’s story. When Dr Soha Sobhy, Ammalife Research Fellow, spent a year in Malawi, she discovered first-hand the importance of having the right tools to combat maternal sepsis: “I saw many cases of postpartum sepsis, some ended well but sadly, others, that weren’t picked up quickly were not so lucky. Two days after a normal delivery, Grace started feeling very unwell. The doctors missed the early signs of her having an infection and so it got worse. When the infection was finally discovered she was started on antibiotics, this would normally work well if the right one is used and if it is started early but unfortunately despite all efforts, Grace died. Sepsis is complicated as there are many causes and the treatment is not the same for everyone, so having the appropriate tests to diagnose the problem and decide how sick someone is so important”.

How can I help? You can support Ammalife to develop a similar pioneering and life-saving maternal sepsis immediate care kit for use by health professionals in low-income settings to save mothers’ lives. Your gift will be doubled when you donate online on December 4th and 5th.

What happens during the Big Give Christmas Challenge? The Christmas Challenge is the UK’s largest match funding campaign and raised over £11 million for participating charities last year. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to raise money and build awareness of our work. Match funding opens at noon on Friday 4 December and National Express and Finox will match your donation right up until midnight.  You have a second chance between noon and midnight on Saturday 5 December.  Just click on The Right Tools to Combat Global Maternal Sepsis to go straight to the Double your Donation page. Please, support our work and help transform childbirth for some of the poorest mothers in the world. Double your Donation and you can make even more of a difference for mothers.

Thank you.