Following the success of the Etatmba project, a research project run by the University of Warwick to augment the skills of Clinical Officers in Obstetric practice in Malawi, The Malawi Association of Obstetric Clinical Officers (MAOCO) was formed in October 2014 and is made up of members from all health zones in Malawi. MAOCO’s goal is to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality as a result of obstetric complications.

Ammalife’s work in Malawi and other sub-Saharan countries has highlighted the invaluable work of Clinical Officers. Clinical Officers receive three years of basic training that falls short of degree standard. They are then posted to health facilities where they undertake clinical practice and surgical procedures that would normally be done by clinicians with medical degrees (doctors). Research carried out by Ammalife has shown they achieve outcomes that are comparable to those produced by doctors.

In September 2015, Ammalife was privileged to support MAOCO’s Inaugural Continual Professional Development Meeting (group photo above) which aimed to provide mutual support and training for all participants. The meeting was a great success and a springboard for members to carry out research and training to further improve services in their local health centres and hospitals.