Yolam Kamene is Ammalife’s current recipient of the Joseph O’Hare Bursary and is well known for being a thoughtful and conscientious healthcare provider. He first came to Ammalife’s attention when he participated in an innovative distance-learning degree programme for Malawian clinical officers at the University of Warwick in 2012. The course, which specialised in obstetrics, allowed the officers to work full time alongside their studies, bringing them together for two weeks every year for intensive teaching. Despite the demanding nature of the course, Yolam excelled and was awarded a first class honours degree. When he was awarded a place at the College of Medicine in Malawi, Ammalife awarded Yolam the Joseph O’Hare Bursary to cover the cost of his tuition fees. Ammalife has also been glad to support Yolam with essential clinical equipment and textbooks, through the generous donations of our supporters.

Between semesters and among his weekly lectures and assignments, Yolam works hard to support himself as a clinical officer to cover his living costs. Although Yolam has not yet completed his medical studies, he is already making waves in his community, sharing his newfound knowledge and skills to improve the quality of healthcare. Yolam’s recent university holiday activities include volunteering for a project which screened the health prisoners at Chitipa Prison, working on the maternity ward at Chitipa Hospital and running a workshop for nurses and clinicians on neonatal resuscitation. We know that in the future, Yolam will continue to provide a great service to his community.

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Above: Yolam leads his colleagues in the performance of a caesarean section. Below: Yolam facilitates a workshop on neonatal resuscitation.