AmmaLife Change maker, Senior Research Nurse (MLW), Global Health Student (LSTM)

I am a graduate with a BSc in Nursing and Midwifery from KCN and currently working under the maternal Health Group, at MLW on the MAT-SURV project and FAST-M+ study. I have 6 years’ experience working in government as a Maternity unit Theatre In-charge, Labor ward team leader, maternity unit mentor and Maternity unit matron. I also have 4 years’ experience working under research institutions, currently MLW, coordinating and conducting research work.

I am very passionate about maternal health research work and got an opportunity to work with MLW under Maternal Health Group, headed by Prof. David Lissauer. I started work at MLW in July 2020.

My current experience working for MLW: A lot of learning, teamwork, critical thinking in the research teams. Being mentored to think critically, analyse and solve complex problems, and bring ideas and teams together, and the need to have the capability to adapt to a rapidly changing labour market. Mostly I like the part where we can learn from each other despite being in different groups, and the great support from the supervisory team in all aspects of my understanding research. I have also benefitted through different presentations organized by MLW which extremely support learning and developing active researchers. This is exciting and happy to continue learning.

With hard work and commitment towards maternal health, I am an AmmaLife changemaker, being funded for a Master of Science in Global Health at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

Laura Munthali, Laura Munthali BSc in Nursing and Midwifery from KCN.