Dr Catherine Dunlop is a Junior Doctor, who is currently working as a Research Fellow at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital within the Global Maternal Health Research team. She is currently working on a PhD on the prevention of maternal sepsis in low-resource settings.

Catherine’s work has three main strands. Firstly, she has researched the effectiveness of preventing maternal sepsis through improving hand hygiene, antibiotic prophylaxis and treating infections before they develop into sepsis. Secondly, her research investigates how the WHO’s recommendations for hand hygiene can be developed to make them more acceptable to professionals working in low-resource maternity settings. Finally, she has contributed to the World Health Organisation GLOSS study, working on understanding cases of maternal infection and sepsis. During her time as an Ammalife Change Maker, Catherine has also contributed to the FAST-M study, conducting innovative research into hand hygiene.

Prior to her PhD research, Catherine completed a Masters in Reproductive and Sexual Health Research from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is passionate about preventing adverse outcomes in maternity care worldwide. She is particularly interested in understanding and promoting the needs of more vulnerable populations, both in the UK and abroad.

You can read more about Catherine’s research with Ammalife here.

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Above: Catherine (right) and PACHI colleague Laura Munthali presenting their work on the prevention of maternal sepsis. Below: Ammalife PhD Researcher Dr Catherine Dunlop.