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The stories behind the numbers: please help us to the top of the mountain

Buy Generic Zolpidem

We often repeat the statistical headlines of maternal mortality in the developing world, so in case all the numbers seem somewhat abstract, we’d like to tell you a story… Ammalife supporter Preth de Silva is currently undertaking elective medical work in...
Tenth time for Ammalife!

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online

What will YOU be doing to celebrate the Spring bank holiday? We’re delighted that Afshin Bemani will be running the Edinburgh marathon for Ammalife on 25th May! And not only running, but running fast! After completing nine previous marathons he has decided to...

Cheap Xanax Online Overnight

One of our volunteers has arranged a nature trail fundraising actity for a toddler group! The walking event recently took place in the springtime sunshine of London, and everyone in the group had a splendid time. Several families joined the excursion and in fact the...
Screenings For You

Buy Valium Manchester

Many thanks to everybody who attended our screenings and presentation about how you can help to Save Mothers Lives at the University Arts and Science Festival at lunchtime on Monday this week!  We hope you found food for thought, and we look forward to remaining in...