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Let’s get GLOWing!

Buy Generic Zolpidem

Do you remember GLOWing in 2013? We can’t wait for the next chance to catch up with conference delegates old and new on Wednesday 4th March, in celebration of International Women’s Day. GLOW is for academics and postgraduate students engaged in global...
The Edge of Joy

Buy Valium 10 Mg Online

Diary Alert: 6.00pm on Tuesday 18 November 2014 The Edge of Joy is a documentary film that follows an ensemble cast of Nigerian doctors, midwives and families to the frontlines of maternal care. Inside a maternity ward, the film chronicles distressed labors, deaths,...
Thanks to the Ammalife Community

Cheap Xanax Online Overnight

Thank you to everybody who joined us between the bouncy castle and the bungee jumpers on the University of Birmingham campus on Sunday 7th September! We enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine and met lots of new supporters in addition to many old friends. Our Community Day...
Think differently!

Buy Valium Manchester

What are you thinking about? And how do you imagine research? It’s not all just laboratories and white coats… You can learn more about what researchers really do if you come along to the Think Corner in the Pavilions Shopping Centre of Birmingham city...